Abbie and Todd are engaged!

CONGRATULATIONS to Abbie and Todd on their engagement!! I love this couple so much! I worked with Abbie at the job I had before I started LMP. I immediately fell in love with her and her sweet boyfriend, Todd. When I left the job, I knew I’d stay in touch with them. We would see each other here and there, at football games and such, but no meeting was more special than this one! When Todd called me to ‘talk to me about something’, I instantly knew! I was so excited! I was probably as nervous as he was when I was hiding behind the statue in front of Tillman Hall waiting for Abbie to arrive. I had to stay hidden and I was very stealth 🙂 Getting to watch someone’s life change with a question is really the most amazing thing! She was SO excited and precious after he proposed. My favorite picture was when he pointed me out and she lit up like somehow I was the most important thing about the day! That’s what I love about Abbie, she makes you feel like a million bucks and is so appreciative! It was a very special moment and I am so happy that I got to be a part of it. Wishing you lots of love and happiness in the future and enjoy all of your wedding planning. It’s a blast! Love y’all!!!!



She said YES!

“Look who is hiding over there?!”

Some of their pals were leaving class in Tillman and stuck around to say congrats! They might have been peeking through the window during the proposal 🙂

Abbie and her father have a very special relationship. When Todd asked for her hand, her father wrote her a sweet note in this card, letting Abbie know that they had his full blessing. So sweet!

BLING! Love this. Way to go Todd!!

The picture on the right was a “YAY, were engaged” picture! Todd got more into it than Abbie!

Abbie’s mom almost stopped breathing! We had to make sure she hadn’t fainted on the other end of the phone for a second! Such a sweet reaction 🙂