Bridal Portraits June-October

So blogging is one of those things with this job that takes a lot of time and keeps me from the important work, photographing everyone and editing your photos to perfection! I do love blogging and try to keep up with it as much as possible, but unfortunately bridal portraits are one of those things that gets lost in the mix. The main reason is because after I take them, I have to keep them a secret until the bride walks down the aisle! I’m obviously in no rush to post them, and then once I photograph the wedding, I get more excited to post the happy couple than the bride alone. I apologize for that and do want my brides to get posted on the blog! I will start posting them more often I promise! Here are some I am behind on. Enjoy this first group!! Such a great group of beautiful new wives 🙂 Congrats to all these lovely ladies



Meet Mrs. Emily Spray Boyd. She played basketball for Clemson so of course, we had to shoot in Littlejohn Coliseum! So fun! She married Chad Boyd on October 6th, 2012.

Meet Mrs. Lisa Ramsey England. This is my best friend and I was her Maid of Honor! I didn’t shoot the wedding obviously but had a fun time at the bridal portraits. She married John England on July 7, 2012.

Meet Mrs. Elizabeth Neely Stewart! What a fun bride to photograph! So silly and beautiful! I’ve known Liz for a while and enjoyed photographing her. She married Greg Stewart on June 10, 2012

Meet Mrs. Neely Moore Allen! She and I have a thing for rain! It was a rainy bridal portrait day and a rainy wedding day but she looked stunning no matter what! She married John Allen on September 8, 2012

Meet Mrs. Somer Crawford Duncan! LOVE this sweet girl. She taught me to be a carefree bride myself! Wish I could photograph her everyday! She married Jeremy Duncan on August 4, 2012