Happy 1st Birthday Piper!

Happy 1st Birthday Piper! This sweet baby had a super fun and absolutely precious smash cake shoot. Her very creative mother designed her set with oversized balloons, a beautiful cake and her favorite comfy chair! It was cold and windy, but she kept on smiling! I get to photograph her birthday party in a few weeks too, so hopefully she will continue to be all smiles! We got some great shots of her and she liked the cake, at first. With most babies who have been plopped in cold grass and forced to giggle and smile, Piper’s enthusiasm had an expiration date. She did a WONDERFUL job for about 45 minutes (which is longer than some of my customers) and when time came to actually eat the cake, she was like “Okay, you had your time. I’m over it. Get me home!” That is just a small explanation for the last picture, where she looks miserable! I thought her little pout face was too cute not to blog 🙂 Fear not, we got her to the car shortly after and were thankful for the images we got beforehand! Enjoy these precious pictures!