Holman Guignard – newborn

Meet the newest LMP fan, Holman! Such a sweet, precious baby boy! I traveled to Columbia for this shoot and it was a huge success. Anyone who has had their newborn photographed by LMP knows that I am CURSED when it comes to getting babies to sleep for newborn shoots. I mean, they can sense me coming from a mile away and they immediately wake up and are ready to party! I have spent up to 7 hours at a newborn shoot before in an effort to get sweet babies to sleep, all so we can stick them in things buckets and baskets and get our cute, sleepy poses. It’s all worth it in the end though when you get pictures like these. Holman was ready to be social when I arrived but once we got him asleep, he was quite the supermodel! I had a great time with baby H and his fabulous parents but I will say I also enjoyed my downtime playing with the puppy, Max! Enjoy these picures! Max even has a few solo shots that made the blog 🙂



Cutest nursery decorations ever! Love the animal pictures!


Max, ready for his closeup.

Strongest baby in the world 🙂 Nice flex, Holman!