Kimberly and Gene – “day after shoot”

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Dukes! Mrs. Dukes is one of my best friends. I was a bridesmaid in this wedding, back in June. They absolutely loved their wedding photographer and all their photos, but wanted a few more pictures taken of just the two of them . You see, Kimberly and Gene’s wedding was one heck of a party! The new couple was eager after the “I do’s” to get straight to the party, so they feel they skimped a little on the pictures. It’s so easy for a bride to do this once you get so caught up in the excitement and wanting to see your guests. Have no fear! LMP’s new “Day After” package is here to the rescue! They redressed in their wedding attire and headed out to Boone Hall Plantation for some fun, casual photographs. This package is so much fun because there is no time constraint, and it gives wedding photographs a less formal feel. You can let your hair down, loosen your tie and take some fun and flirty pictures! Wives, throw your husbands in a suit and email me! You will love this package and it can also be used as a “trash the dress” session if you feel like getting REALLY causal with it 🙂 Enjoy these pictures of Kimberly and Gene at Boone Hall Plantation! Such a beautiful place. I may have missed my girl Blake Lively’s recent nuptials there (does anyone else love Gossip Girl like I do?!?) but I will return to shoot Sarah-Katherine and Jo’s wedding there next April!