Hi! I’m Lauren. I started Lauren Miller Photography about 4 years ago and absolutely love my job. It doesn’t feel like a job! I have been taking pictures since I was 15, so this is really a dream come true. I love all of my clients and I love making new friends at every shoot. It’s hard not to enjoy every minute! I mean, I never get a case of the Mondays, I travel a lot and enjoy doing it, and my boss is pretty cool…

I’ve always said you have to love the photographer as much as you love the photographs, especially with weddings. It’s so important to feel comfortable and excited about being stalked with a camera all day.  In the world of weddings, second to a wedding planner, the photographer is the person you will be around all day. That’s a lot of time with a stranger on the biggest day of your life! The relationship has to be just perfect and I have found that I ‘mesh well’ with all of my brides! Here are a few random things about me so you can check out our compatibility…or think I’m weird. Either way!

In the last few years I have started this business all by myself, gotten married to an amazing man, and we just recently bought our first house! It has been so much fun over here!

We have a tiny dog named Beans.

I have a B.S. in Graphic Communications from Clemson University.

I pretty much watch crime shows, or nothing at all. I’ve seen them ALL.

I could eat Pizza for every meal and probably drink too much coffee.

People say I have bad taste in music. I disagree..

I’ve been a bride myself, a bridesmaid 6 times, a maid of honor 2 times, and a bridesmaid again this spring! Whether I’m in it, working it, or just dominating the dance floor, I love weddings. People who say they don’t, are liars!


That’s it! Email or call me to book a session or just say hi! I love helping out aspiring photographers, so feel free to drop me a line. We can grab coffee and talk shop 🙂