Menke Maternity

Kimberly and Ryan are having a baby girl!! These are two of my favorite people and they are having a tiny bundle of joy next month! (I know, doesn’t she look amazing!) I have known Kimberly since I was a child and absolutely love her and Ryan together. They will be such wonderful and FUN parents!

Funny story from this shoot. We met up in Charlotte the morning after I shot a wedding in Rock Hill, so I stayed in a hotel downtown the night before the shoot. We arrived late to check in and the hotel has a valet only parking policy. Of course my car key is broken and wont stay on a key chain so I keep it loose in the car (for anyone who now wants to break in and steal the car, be my guest!! You can have her!) I told the night valet that and told him to make a note of it on the card. Well he didn’t and they spent 30 minutes looking for my car key which had fallen below the seat. I was so frustrated considering I had waited for 15 minutes for my car and was now late to the shoot! They apologized and got me a ride to the park while they looked for the key. Not a taxi, but a blacked out Lincoln town car took me to the park for my shoot. I looked like a celebrity pulling up….well until I got out of the car. Then the driver asked if I could get a ride back to the hotel?!? He wasn’t even going to wait for me, knowing I was obviously from out of town, going to work, and had no car!!! Rude. Thank goodness Kimberly and Ryan thought the story was just funny enough to give me a lift back to my hotel. Long story short they found my key and I made it back safely, but no thanks to the Jeeves that took me there and tried to leave me stranded in the park! What if I hadn’t known the customers I was meeting?! How awkward. Anyways, enjoy the pics!