Somer and Jeremy are married!

Welcome back from the honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan! Such a fun wedding on August 4th! Somer came to me immediately after getting engaged and was SUCH an easy bride to work with. They all are, trust me – I have the best brides ever, but this girl was a dream! Such a positive person with an amazing outlook on everything! Didn’t stress, didn’t fret over silly things the day of, none of that. Just a bride enjoying her big day! Her precious fiance is no different! Jeremy was such a great groom. I had only met him once at the engagement pictures, but it felt like we were buds. I don’t get that all the time because let’s be honest, the photographer isn’t the first person the groom looks forward to working with at a wedding. Some guys downright dread it! I enjoyed working with that group of guys. It was a very close (large!) wedding party and I made a lot of friends that day! Here is a very small sneak peek of this. Let’s say by Friday the 17th, I delete this last sentence and add more 🙂 Just wanted to get my inaugural post up!