The future Mr. and Mrs. Rapoport

We have met Abbie and Todd before when I got to photograph Todd’s sweet proposal to Abbie in February – I mean I cried like a baby! I have known Abbie for a few years from when we worked together at my job before I started LMP. My favorite memory of her is definitely is when my husband and I drove all the way to Clemson late at night to surprise her for her 21st birthday. That was a fun night 🙂 Her precious fiance Todd is such a great guy and has treated me like a friend since the day I met him. I got to watch her and Todd go from a cute college couple to the cutest engaged folks ever! I am so happy for them and was OVER THE MOON when she asked me to shoot her wedding. It was definitely a job I didn’t want to miss because it will not feel like a work day when they tie the knot in January. These pictures were taken in Clemson and we even got on her little boat for a few. I have known a lot of the customers who have used me to shoot their weddings in the past, but these people are my friends. It is such a joy when your friends think you are so talented and want you to be the one to capture your special day! I love it! Cannot WAIT for this wedding and wish Abbie and Todd the best!